Cultural confluence of art and architecture through Indian textiles lay the foundation for the label, Kshitij Jalori, the inherent style being the result of its elegant yet sharp use of elements inspired from various cultures coming together, in an amalgamation of modern and traditional. 

Deeply rooted in indigenous crafts and techniques, the brand aims to achieve a global appeal with its modern silhouettes—coordinated kurta sets, pantsuits, and structured jackets while also creating classic and traditional sarees, dupattas and Lehengas. 

The root values of the label reflect those of its founder, a textile graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi. Kshitij’s passion for travelling, love for birds and architecture have inspired some of his previous collections, and continue to do so. His inclination towards creating structured garments with Indian textiles led him to start his label, Kshitij Jalori in 2018.